As my first tapestry, I wanted to focus on the process of weaving itself, choosing a simple motive – circle. While weaving the piece, I became more aware of my surroundings, listening to the sounds moving around me – cars accelerating on the street, sounds of people passing by, church bells ringing every quarter hour, water moving in the pipes. While weaving the simple motive and becoming more aware of my inner thoughts, I would decide to let them rise up or suppress them. Eventually the weaving became a place for me to think, or not think, to think what to do next. Using weaving as a place to be on my own, I had it as an excuse to leave some other place. The process of weaving became like a meditation for myself, where I could return when I felt I needed to.

The middle part of the tapestry is dyed with avocado stones and skin, giving it a nicely warm pink shade.


a loom
Weaving process
Tapestry in interior
Zoe holding meditation-1
Weft – natural and avocado dyed lambwool, warp – cotton, 146x89 cm