The following two works “like a small child” and “The Fig Tree” are woven in a small textile manufactury in Austria, Haslach which used to work as a school for young textile interests since 1883, but which due to loss of interest had to close its doors unfortunately. Today the institution is open again, working as a museum, producing fabrics for local regions and offering learning opportunities for neighbouring art universities.

The given two works are created from my own drawings, on which the first “like a small child” is a fragment from a sketchbook, where in the copying process a sentence from the previous page was left on, saying “like a small child.” The second piece “The Fig Tree” is also a fragment from a sketchbook which is a drawing from a warm French summer, depicting a fig tree from the garden I used to live.


Sketch for "like a small child"
Sketch for "The Fig Tree"
“like a small child”
“The Fig Tree”