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SÍM barn project was a showing of the residents staying in SÍM residency (Reykjavik, Iceland) presenting works developed during May 2024. During this one month time period, the goal of my work was to discover the natural resources of Iceland, exploring the substances of seashells, minerals and primarily seaweed, which Iceland holds abundantly. My wish was to create materials from local and natural findings, as an opportunity to use them as future materials in the field of fashion or in the making of creative artworks. This led to practical tests in combining different species of seaweed with bioplastics, in order to preserve their appealing features and increase their durability, which after taking them out of the seawater would disappear. The discoveries also led to combining bioplastics with local seashells and stones, using grinded shells as pigments. By getting in touch with natural materials, I also connected with local clay,  working with it to create Dorodangos, a Japanese mud ball technique.

Thank you SÌM residency, Martynas Petreikis, Culture Moves Europe

Photo credits Laura-Maria Vahimets

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Dorodangos väiksem fail
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